Learn about our plans and future releases.

NFD - game changing crypto platform. Roadmap:

Stage 1.

At this stage, we will launch a closed alpha test for a limited number of participants. Our software is already running and at this stage we want to fix minor bugs, improve performance and usability. To be implemented at this stage:

  • Development

  • Front end, Back end , UX/UI, Internal logic

  • Full Implementation of "Activities" and "Aggregator" and related services

  • Alpha test

  • “Alpha Search Tool” release

Stage 2.

At this point, an entire community of people interested in the project will be built. During this stage, we will be working with feedback and rewarding active participants at the beta test, as well as preparing for the NFT sale. At this stage, some additions to our service which were not included in the beta test will also be implemented. To be implemented at this stage:

  • Beta test

  • NFT sale

  • ROI scanner

  • Adding “Summary” in Aggregator

  • Notification bot

  • Whale’s wallet checker and analyzer

  • New blocks in Aggregator

Stage 3.

Stage of active improvement and adding new features/services to Our task at this stage is to cover the needs of our users to use our platform as much as possible. Additionally, at this stage we will implement an NFD incubator and NFD DAO that both will help useful services/projects/platforms to be launched faster and easier in the web3 world. To be implemented at this stage:

  • Testing new sections in “Activities”

  • Creating and launching NFD DAO

  • Expanding the calendar functionality

  • Token vesting tool

  • “NFD labs” incubator

Stage 4.

The main goal of stage 4 is to create artificial intelligence based on information from the Alpha Search Tool, which will not only find projects at the earliest stage, but also get an independent assessment of their prospects. To be implemented at this stage:

  • Crypto arbitrage scanner

  • Alpha search AI developing based on data collected

  • Adding any services and tools based on NFD DAO votes

Stage 5.

And at this stage there is a big surprise waiting for you in the form of the first project “X” created in the NFD.labs incubator. This project has every chance of changing the culture of crypto investments.

Roadmap will be updated as goals are achieved.

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